Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Meeting and eating

Transition Stratford's food group met on a wonderful warm summers day and shared delicacies we'd grown or made ourselves. It was a gourmet meal that included home-made wild yeast bread, a freshly picked salad with ripe raspberries and baby carrots, strawberry scones and a magical spiced mead.

The meeting was fun, but it was also effective. We were discussing the follow-up to the food Open Space meeting we held in May. The aim was to come away with practical and achievable projects for Transition Stratford and prepare next steps for delivery.

The idea of creating a CSA was debated, but it was felt that as it was an ambitious plan it would be best to talk to farmers in the area to see if they felt that it may be viable as a business option to take forward themselves.

The idea of garden networking and sharing was met with enthusiasm as a great way of continuing to build on the gardening group we hold at Lifeways. It was linked to all of our aims and is achievable by a voluntary working party. If successful it could lead to more projects teaching cookery skills, mapping and sharing surplus produce and possibly marketing our own home grown food. Judging by the standard of food brought to the meeting we'd be on to a winner with that!

The next steps will be to discuss how we can go about our garden sharing project in earnest. Watch this space or the become involved, please email us.

The Transition Stratford gardens at Lifeways

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