Monday, 18 May 2009

Open Space - Next steps...

What a barnstorming and exciting Open Space meeting we had - and of course we now have masses of notes and ideas that have already been typed up which we will circulate soon. If you are not on the email list - email us at transitionstratford at and we'll send you a copy. In the meantime, we'll be reviewing the notes and getting in touch with all those who said that they could help. I hope that we can get some projects launched quickly.

Here is a little video interview with a chap called Hidetake Enomoto about Transition Japan that I thought was spot-on. I particularly liked the idea that transition has to be reinvented for every area where it is adopted. I think that is what we are doing in Stratford.

Transition Town Japan: Hidetake Enomoto from UNUChannel on Vimeo.

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